Digital elections for Works Councils and other employee representative bodies.

About OR Vote

With OR Vote it's easy to organize digital elections for Works Councils. It is also possible to organize digital elections for the employee representative body (PVT's) and subcommittees.

OR Vote
... is easy to use
... features extensive functionalities
... is very affordable
... is secure and reliable

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Easy to use

  • No computer skills required
  • Clear candidate lists
  • Cast your vote by computer, mobile phone or tablet
  • Wherever and whenever you want!

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  • List system as well as individual candidate system available
  • As many electoral groups as you want!
  • For small and large organisations
  • Also suitable for digital elections of the employee representative body
  • Easy to use for interim elections

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Affordable and transparent

  • Organizing digital elections doesn't have to be expensive
  • Digital elections possible starting from € 425

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Secure and reliable

  • Meets all the requirements of the privacy law (GDPR)
  • SSL-secured server and encrypted data storage
  • Vote anonymously
  • Meets all the requirements of the Works Councils Act

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OR Vote is an initiative of Performa Uitgeverij.:


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